Advertising A Job To Your Website

For Big Biller Customers:

From the Job Order Datasheet –

  • Click on Advertising or Advertising Options


  • Click the Post button to post to your Big Biller Job Board


  • Your Job Order has now been posted to your website.



For Non-Big Biller Customers

From the job record:

  • Click EDIT at the top/center of the record
  • Scroll to the bottom of the record
  • Check the box to Advertise this Job Order on MY Job Board
  • Click Save

This might take a few minutes to update and appear on your site.

Here is the information that is visible from the Job Order:

  • Job title
  • Salary
  • Job Type
  • Degree
  • Job Description (be careful not to put any contact info or client info in this section as it will be visible online)
  • Date posted to the website
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