Finding Trading Partners

There are a number of ways to find Trading Partners in Top Echelon Network, let’s look at them individually:

SplitsVille’s “Who Works What” tool
This tool is what was mentioned earlier in regards to that which will search your profile so others can find you as a Trading Partner.  Enter the keywords that you are looking for and hit “Search”. You will see the recruiters listed and they will be ordered in relevance.

Search Split Candidates
By running a search in the Split Candidate database using the criteria matching your niche, you will see who is currently sharing these types of candidates.  The recruiters sharing the handfuls of the same types of people are the ones with whom you should be speaking.

Searching Split Job Orders
The same concept is used here as it is for searching the Split Candidates database.

Along the way while doing these things finding recruiters, you are also finding potential candidates for your orders and Jobs that you may be able to assist on filling.

Creating Core Groups
When you find the recruiters who are like-niche, as you are viewing their profiles you should add them to Core Groups.

The Core Group is an easy resource for you to go to when you need to get to the recruiters in Top Echelon that you know and work with to quickly get in touch with in regards to a particular need. If you are a Big Biller user you have the ability to email them all a JDS out of Big Biller so they can get to work on helping you fulfill your clients’ needs at a higher rate.

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