Converting/Importing My Database From Another Software Into Big Biller

Many of our customers come to Big Biller from other Applicant Tracking Systems. When this happens, you will work closely with our Data Conversion Specialist to make sure that your transition to Big Biller goes smoothly.

The cost of the a database conversion is $275 plus $0.01 per record that is created. Whether your conversion takes 5 days or 10 days, the price is contingent on how many records are created in Big Biller.

($275  Start-Up Fee) + (10,000 Records x  $0.01 per record) = $375.00

Conversion Process

1. Schedule A Mapping Session

Your Sales Representative will help schedule a mapping session with our Data Conversion Specialist. During this session, you and the Data Specialist will explore your current Applicant Tracking System to determine where the data will be placed within Big Biller. Also, our Data Specialist will assist you in obtaining a backup of your current database. This session will be done via GoToMeeting.

2. Transferring Your Data To Us

Once your data has been obtained, you will again speak with our Data Conversion Specialist to determine the best way to get your data to us. This is typically done with “Drop Send”. “Drop Send” is online resource that allows you to transfer large amounts of data over the web.

3. Let Us Take Over

The Data Conversion Specialist will then begin writing the program to import your data to Big Biller. When the program is completed, we will ask for an updated copy of your database for  changes that have been made to records while the program was being written.

4. Crossing The Finish Line

Now that the program is in place, the Data Conversion Specialist will begin to run the conversion. We will spot check the conversion and also have you check your Big Biller database as well. You have 30 days after the conversion to notify us of any mapping issues that may be found. After 30 days, we will no longer hold your data backup from your previous ATS. If you notify us after 30 days, all necessary work will be charged at a rate of $100/hr and you will also have to provide us with a backup of your data from your previous ATS.

5. In Conclusion

The whole process relies heavily on scheduling the mapping session, providing us with your data, and when your conversion falls in the Data Conversion Specialist’s schedule. The conversion typically takes 1-2 weeks from start to finish. Where you fall into the schedule is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Make sure you complete your mapping session and provide us with your data as quickly as possible.

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