New to Big Biller FAQs

Welcome, and thank you for signing up for your new Big Biller account! We’re happy to have you with us and we’re looking forward to getting to know you and your firm.

To make sure that we’re on the same page, here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we often hear from new customers:

  • What kind of technical support and training does Big Biller provide? Is there a cost?
    • Big Biller provides free technical support on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM EST (Chat and Email support typically only available from 8 AM to 5 PM EST). Our support reps can be accessed via phone at 330-455-1433 ext 1, via email at, or via chat by using the orange “Support Chat” link in the bottom right corner of the software.
    • We also provide two free training webinars related to Big Biller: the Big Biller Basic Training on Fridays at 1 PM EST, as well as our special Training Tuesday sessions on the first Tuesday of each month, also at 1 PM EST. You’ll find an archive of recent Training Tuesday sessions in the previous link.
    • In addition to these, we also provide free one on one training sessions for new customers. You should have a link to schedule a session in the initial email your account manager sent over to you (if you don’t have it, feel free to let us know!).
  • Can I add additional users to my account?
    • Yes! You’ll find the instructions for doing so here. Keep in mind that each addition user seat will add an additional cost to your monthly invoice. These users can be added or removed at any time.
  • When and how will I be billed for my account? Can I view my monthly invoice?
    • Billing takes place on the first business day of the month for that month’s service fees. All of our billing is done through a credit card, and should you need to update the card you have on file, you can do so by following these instructions within your account. If your account was started in the middle of the month, our system will prorate your account for the remainder of that month’s service.
    • At any time, you can view your invoice for current and previous months by clicking on the Invoice link in the upper right corner of your account.
  • Is there a limit to how much data I can hold within the account?
    • Big Biller does have a data limit. You’ll receive the first Gigabyte (GB) of disk space for free. After that limit is exceeded, each allotted increment of 250 Megabytes (MB) will cost an additional $15 / month. This will occur automatically as you exceed the initial limit.
  • How can I get a backup of the data within my account?
    • You can request a backup of the data within your account at any time by following these instructions.
  • Is there a contract involved with using your system? How can I view it?
    • All of our services are month to month, so you’re not locked into a contract by utilizing our software. However, we do have a software agreement that you’ll need to agree to before signing into the software for the first time. If you’d like to review this agreement again afterwards, you can access it by using these instructions.
  • What other services does Top Echelon provide?



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