Opting Your Firm’s Resumes into the MEGA Database

By opting in to the Mega Database, you have the opportunity to have every default resume in your Big Biller database searched by Network Trading Partners in a blinded fashion.  The Recruiter conducting the keyword search will NOT be able to view your resumes, but ONLY your name and the number of your resumes that match their keyword search criteria.  Once that Recruiter knows how many resumes you have that match their search criteria, they can request your help.

Only Firms who are using Big Biller can have their resumes indexed by the MEGA Database.


To Opt-In to the MEGA database, the firm owner can follow the steps below.

From anywhere within the software

  • Click the “Mega Cands” tab



  • Then click the link that says “Yes, I’d like to opt in our resumes to the MEGA Database.”


Once this is done, your resumes will be index and begin coming up in MEGA searches within 24 business hours.

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