Removing An Advertised Job From Your Website

For Big Biller Customers:

Method 1

From the Job Board or Jobs tab within Big Biller:

  • Click on Manage My Advertised Jobs
  • Check the box to the right of the job(s) you wish to remove from advertising
  • Click the Update buttonat the right side of the list.

FireShot Screen Capture #029 - Job Order Advertising Options

Method 2

From the Job Order Datasheet :

  • Click the Advertising link or the Advertising Options button



  • Click the Remove button for to the right of Job Board


Method 3 is for NON-Big Biller Customers

Method 3

From the Job Order Datasheet :

  • Click Edit
  • Uncheck the box to the left of Advertise this Job Order on MY Job Board


  • Click Save
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