Using The MEGA Database – Candidate Recruiter

When a Job Order Recruiter Requests Help, the Candidate Recruiters they selected will be notified that they have matches to a Trading Partner’s Split Job.  A link is provided in the notification that will take the Candidate Recruiter  directly to the Mega Matches page.  Alternatively you may go to the Mega Cands tab, and click the Jobs for Your Candidates to see a list of Active Split Jobs that you have received Requests for Help on.

Split Jobs for your Candidates List
This list displays all Active Split Job Orders your have matches for.  The list contains:

  • Recruiter Dropdown – allows you to look at your own candidate’s matches, or those of another recruiter in your firm
    • This dropdown is dependent on the Big Biller User Security setting regarding whether the logged in user is Allowed to see other Users’ Information.
  • View Matches button –  this will take to you the Mega Matches page where you can view the Split Job Order and your matching Candidates
  • Number of  Matches the Job Order Recruiter’s search criteria found in your database
  • Number of  Resumes you Shared to the Job Order Recruiter
  • Job Title
  • Job Order Recruiter Name (linked to their Recruiter Profile)
  • Date the Request for Help was made
  • Remove icon –  allows the Candidate Recruiter the ability to remove that Split Job from the list.  This is intended to be used only if there is no intention of working that Split Job.
    • NOTE: this cannot be reversed by the user.  Once Remove is clicked, the Request for Help is hidden.  It can only be revived by Top Echelon Staff.

Mega Matches
This page allow the Candidate Recruiter to view all their Candidate’s Resumes along side the Split Job Order.  The list of Shared Candidates is on the left and contains:

  • The search criteria – (across the top of the screen)
    • This is the criteria used by the Job Order Recruiter that resulted in the list candidates displayed.
    • Pass on this request – allows you to Remove this request, again intended to be used if there is no intention of work the Split Job.
  • Job Details – (left side of the screen)
    • The complete Split Job Order listing
    • Take note of the Recruiter to Recruiter Comments.  Information found here can be used to pitch a job to your candidates.  Read over the comments before communicating it to your candidates!
    • Link to the Job on your Big Biller Job Board – If the Job Order Recruiter shared the job order to the Network Jobs Feed and your firm has a Network Jobs Feed, a link to the job is provided at the top of the Job Order Details section.  This link can be used to send to candidates.  It will display the Trading Partner’s Job Order on your Big Biller Job Board website.
  • List of Matching Candidates – (right side of the screen)
    • Email All Candidates (Not Shared or Dismissed) – This link will open the Big Biller Emailer and address it to all candidates in the list that have not already been Shared or Dismissed
    • Candidate Name – Clicking the name of the candidate, will load the additional candidate information  (Recruiter Comments, Current Salary, Relocation States, Relocation Comments, Recent Activity, Active Resume).
      • When the additional information is displayed you will also a link to view the full record at the top right.
      • To close the Addition Information
    • Share Candidate button
      • Clicking this button displays a popup that allows to you to provide Additional Comments to the Job Order Recruiter.
        • An example of Additional Comment would be information you gleaned when you contacted there candidate and spoke about the opportunity or anything you know about the candidate from previous interactions with them.
        • This popup also tell you exactly what information is going to be Shared to the Job Order Recruiter (Recruiter Comments, Current Salary, Relocation States, Relocation Comments, Recent Activity, Active Resume)
      • This action is logged to the Notes of the Candidate’s Record.
    • Dismiss button
      • The Dismiss button marks as Dismissed with the candidate date and time of the action.
      • Dismissing a candidate is only visible to the Candidate Recruiting firm allowing them to see that this Candidate has been handled.   The Job Order Recruiter is not notified of this action.
      • The Dismiss action is logged to the Notes of the Candidate’s Record.

Once a Candidate has been Shared, the Share and Dismiss buttons go away.  Any and all actions taken by the Job Order Recruiter and/or you (the Candidate Recruiter) will be displayed in their place.  All actions taken by either side are also automatically saved to the Candidate’s Record.

sharing options