Using the MEGA Database – Job Order Recruiter

In order to Request Help (resumes) from other Trading Partners, a Member must possess a solid job order and it must be Advertised on the Split Network. This is done by going to the Advertising Options page on the Job Order. Once a Job is advertised on the Top Echelon Network, the Create MEGA Search button becomes active. Alternatively your can just go to the MEGA Candidates tab from the main navigation bar.

The Search
Use the MEGA Database Search page search the resumes of all opted in Firms’ resumes in a blind fashion:

  • Current Title Boolean – use full Boolean search logic to search the Current Title of Trading Partner’s candidates.
    • example 1:  programmer or developer
    • example 2: “plant manager” or “operations manager”
  • Keyword Boolean – use full  Boolean to search the resume body of Trading Partner’s candidates.
    • example 1: (java or .net or c#) and sql
    • example 2: plastic* and extrusion
  • Location and Radius –  search the Home State of Trading Partner’s candidates
    • State / City, State / Zip Codes  (US and Canada only)
    • example: St. Louis, MO
    • example 2: MO
    • example 3: 63101
  • Resume Age – limits the age of the Trading Partner’s resumes
    • example: 1 month would return only resumes that have been added within the last 30 days
    • Note:  this is the date of the most recent resume … not necessarily the date the candidate was added
  • Results – allows you to open the search up to every resume
    • The default is to return the Best 50 Matches.  This returns the most relevant matches based on tech search criteria .
    • Relevance is based on: term frequency and coordination factor
      • Term requency – The frequency with which a term appears in a document. Given a search query, the higher the term frequency, the higher the document score.
      • Coordination factor – The more query terms that are found in a document, the higher it’s relevance.

The Results
The search results will consist of a number, the Trading Partner’s contact information, and a checkbox.  The number indicates how many resumes that Recruiter possess in the given results.  Recruiters appearing near the top of the list possess more relevant matches.

The Request
You may Request Help from one or many of the Recruiters listed.  To Request Help:

  • Check the box to the far right of the corresponding Recruiter.  (You may select ALL by checking the very first checkbox above the first row of results.)
  • Click the Request Help button.
  • Select a Split Job Order – Select from any of your Firm’s currently Network Shared Job Orders.  If you have not yet shared the job you will not be able to use the system to request the matching resumes from the Trading Partners.  You can, however call or email the Recruiters using the provided contact information and communicate your job order and the matches they may have for you.
    • If you’d like, you may click the CLOSE button on the Select a Split Job Order screen, and then hold down the CTRL and click the Add link under the Jobs or Split Jobs.  This will open that database in a new window (preserving the search you just created) so that you may Add the Job Order and Share it to the Network.
  • Add/Edit Recruiter-to-Recruiter Comments – At this time, you may enter additional information that may help the candidate Recruiter identify the best resumes for you.
    • This is great opportunity for you to provide them with a sentence or three that they could use when describing the position to the potential matches.  This can be especially effective if you’ve shared the job on the Network Jobs Feed as they would be able to send the candidates directly to your job this is listed on their Big Biller Job Board website.
  • Send Request – finalizes the Request for Help.

At this point your Request for Help is sent the corresponding Recruiters.  An instant private message is sent through the Top Echelon Network interface.  If that Recruiter is actively using the software at the time, they will receive an on screen notification that they have matches for a Network Split Job Order.  They will also receive an email notification in accordance with their setting in the Top Echelon Network Mega Database Settings screen.  This can be set to As the Occur, or in a Digest format.  When using the Digest Email option, all Requests are held back and sent in one message at 3:30pm ET.

When the Candidate Recruiter gets any of the above notifications, they are presented with your Split Job Order and the list of matching candidates.  They can preview each record, and select either Share Candidate, or Dismiss.  If they click the Share Candidate button, the Name, Location, Current Title, Current Salary, Recruiter-to-Recruiter Comments, Relocation States, Relocation Comments and Resume will be shared to you.

Viewing Shared Resumes
Once you’ve Requested Help from Trading Partners, they may begin sharing resumes with you almost instantly.  To check to see what resumes have been shared to your job, click the Candidates for Your Jobs link in the Mega Cands tab.

Candidates for you Split Jobs List
This page contains a list of your Firm’s Active Split Job Orders that you’ve Requested Help on.   The list displays:

  • A View Responses button
  • Number of resumes Shared
  • Number of resumes Unviewed
  • Number of resumes Added for the job (and put in play)
  • Number of resumes you’ve Rejected
  • Job Order Recruiter

Mega Candidates Shares
This page allow the Job Order Recruiter to view all Shared Candidates along side the Split Job Order.  The list of Shared Candidates is on the left and contains:

  • Order By
    • Allows the list to be ordered by the Date/Time Shared or by the Sharing Recruiter
  • Candidate Name
    • Clicking the name will display Additional information of that candidate and log that the Job Order Recruiter has Viewed the Resume.
    • Information includes:  Recruiter to Recruiter Comments, Current Salary, Relocation States, Relocation Comments, and Default Resume
  • Current Title
  • Home Location
  • Sharing Recruiter
  • Date and Time Shared
  • Add to Pipeline  / Download button
    • Clicking on this button copies the Candidate to the Job Order Recruiter’s Big Biller Database, adds them to the Pipeline of the appropriate Job Order, and logs that action on the Candidate Recruiter’s record.
      • If the Job Order Recruiter does not use Big Biller, the Resume is downloaded and the action is logged on on the Candidate Recruiter’s record.
  • Reject button
    • Clicking this button will pop up a screen allowing the Job Order Recruiter to write a comment regarding why the candidate is being rejected which is logged back to the Candidate Recruiter’s record.
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